Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Project Quilt Repair

So Jason has this quilt. I am not sure where it came from and am researching that now. But where ever it came from it was in need of repair. Many of the ties had come undone and so while I was house sitting in Mokelumne Hill, I took advantage of the expertise of some ladies that meet and craft in West Point (close to Mokelumne Hill). We retied the quilt and cut out the old ties. Here it is- with the new ties.

I am pretty happy with it- except for this small problem: Burn holes- two of them. I am not quite sure how to fix this. The suggestion I got from the ladies at the quilt/craft group was to put small patches on it- and I might do that and add some to make it look like it was supposed to be like that. Here are the burn holes:

I am not a quilter (yet) so all the help was greatly appreciated. So after repairing the burn holes- I will need to clean it. I got tips for that too but have to wait until I get home to tackle that project.

Update: I heard from Jason's mother and this quilt was apparently made by a church group that his Aunt was involved in and it was purchased for Jason by his parents. She is happy that I am repairing it.

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ChicBanjo said...

Beautiful work! I can't wait to see this when I see you next. I didn't even know you were working on this!
Looks like you are progressing nicely on Kevin's scarf. All my progress on the baby blanket was done in Sutter Creek. Other than obtaining another "F" hook, I haven't done diddley-squat on it since returning home! :)