Monday, July 7, 2008

Great Blue Heron!

Today I walked Toby up to the Starbucks near where we live. I then walk back right by this entire block that is empty- it is currently a haven for wildlife in Fremont. But I NEVER thought I would see a Great Blue Heron there! I did today and here is the picture to prove it!

I was so surprised to see this bird in this location. I think I saw one over by the creek where I often walk Toby- but I would expect to see them there, if they are here at all. I often see egrets, Canadian Geese, ducks, and some bird I have not yet identified over there. I also saw a deer once and a California Kingsnake. unfortunately both of those days I had forgotten my camera. :( I even thought I saw a Great Blue Heron over by the creek once- but it was flying - away from me and my eyesight is just not what it used to be. But now I am certain I had seen one- maybe even this same one.

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on! I have actually been very busy! My sewing room is about ready for me to actually sew in it! I have my yarn all in bins and using Space Bags, I have squished all of it to fit in the bins I got for the yarn. I am very impressed with the space bags. I should have some pictures of my newly organized sewing room soon!