Friday, September 12, 2008

OMG- I am still alive!!!!

I have a TON of news- but first- I promised my sister that I would post a widget for her so she can help promote Amy Ray, who apparently looks a lot like me. LOL! :)

If you are interested in the Indigo Girls or Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls- check it out! Unfortunately for me and my sister- they seem to play mostly on the East Coast.


Ok- now for news. My sewing room is clean and organized though I must admit that it is VERY HARD to keep it that way! I keep noticing piles of stuff I need to go through before it gets out of hand again! I have been very good about NOT BUYING fabric- except I did get some for Jason's costume. He wants a ninja costume and needed a lot of black and I have some but not enough so I got some.

I will post pictures soon.

I got Embird- and I LOVE IT! I actually got the basic program, digitizing program, Font Engine, Cross-stitch and Iconizer.

I got a short term job watching an 11 year old until school started and I was teaching her to sew. It was great fun and I loved hanging out with her! She finished two projects- a drawstring bag and an elastic waist skirt and they both turned out great! I will continue to teach her to sew.

I went on a trip to Tahoe with my sister. We had a wonderful time and neither of us wanted to come back. Toby had a great time hiking with us too. Unfortunately when we got back, not even 5 minutes after we got the last load out of the car, the phone rang. It was our mother's neighbor telling us that she had another heart attack and was on her way to the hospital in an ambulance. So that ended our vacation quite abruptly. She was in ICU for 3 days then in the standard room for another 2. She is home now and has a heart surgery planned. She has a leaky valve they have to repair and they will work on two more blocked arteries.

And I was not even done with that and my tooth started hurting. I had to get it pulled and ended up going to UCSF in San Francisco. It was very inexpensive but they took very good care of me. They were definitely students but that didn't bother me. If you don't like a lot of different people looking at you- then you probably would not like it- but I don't mind that. The worst part of it was that while waiting at the dental clinic- I got a migraine. So that sucked- I had my tooth extracted WHILE I had a migraine. Ick. :( And then later- when I got back to my friend's place I lay down. I still had Novocain on board so I was ok. Not great but ok. Then later when I woke up- the Novocain had worn off and my migraine had doubled in intensity. I almost went to ER I hurt so bad. But I managed to eat a mashed avocado and took a vicodin and that kept me from ER. It helped enough for me to be able to rest again. I hope I don't have to do that again though!

ok- that is the short story of what has been going on!


Adrienne said...

SO glad to see an update from you!!!

Atheris said...

Thanks. I am sorry to hear about your friend too. I have almost been killed twice by someone running a red. :( People need to slow down! It is very shocking to have something like that happen.

Nicola said...

Thanks for posting Amy's schedule. I'll be able to do it by myself with some training and creation of my very own blogspot...but for now, I am grateful you let me post it here! :)

Love you!